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Delightfully Yours

Experience the nature and rejuvenate yourself with the goodness of premium bottled drinking water with low sodium and the right amount of mineral content. We are committed to delivering high quality products by adhering to industry standards like ESMA, ISO22000:2005 and HACCP certification.

LE BLUE stands for the best bottled drinking water educating the consumers, media and F&B professionals about water not just being water. LE BLUE started its operations in 2015 with an important message to the world that water is not just water but a natural product with unique characteristics.We had a proper market study before we decided to step into the world of bottled drinking water; the primary priority was to discover the best bottled drinking water that can deliver high quality standards.

A number of factors have contributed to the growth in consumption of bottled water. As People focus on healthy-eating with a significant mark on sufficient hydration, bottled water is seen as a natural product and a key part of a healthy lifestyle.After a detailed Analysis we are able to come up with a brand called Le Blue – bottled drinking water manufactured under the most modern technology.With the purity and quality, we deliver, we want our consumers to feel the best!!!

We have a strong distribution channel all over United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Sultanate of Oman. Sales & service with 70 fleets to full fill the local requirements.

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